Download of 2D drawings and 3D models

Each of the selected drawings will be downloaded as a ZIP-file containing the drawing as a DXF-file, for use in a CAD system, as a PDF-file, for viewing and plotting and as a 3D model for use in a 3D-CAD system

Engine L32/40

Engine V32/40

Engine L48/60B

Engine V48/60B

Conditions for use

The Installation Drawings downloaded are for general guidance only and should not be used for detailed projects. No notification will be given when these drawings are modified - so check regularly for new or updated Installation Drawings at our website.

For any specific project, a set of Installation Drawings must be obtained from the actual Engine Builder, as there may be deviations from the general Installation Drawings offered here.

Although MAN Diesel & Turbo endeavour to ensure that the Installation Drawings are correct, MAN Diesel & Turbo undertake no responsibility or liability for errors or deficiencies in the Installation Drawings or the files.


All material provided is owned by MAN Diesel & Turbo. Forwarding to or use by third parties is only allowed with our explicit consent.

The full version of the Engine Viewer is available via MAN Diesel & Turbo's extranet.

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