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ME 1.6 Turbocharger selection_620x230

Dear Ladies and gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Japan.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.


Programme Imabari in EnglishPDF168.64 KB Download
Programme Imabari in JapanesePDF209.99 KB Download
03_2StrokeServiceExperienceJapanNov2014_rev_EnglishPDF4.35 MB Download
04_Small four-stroke DF engine development - JapanesePDF1.77 MB Download


MAN L28/32DF GenSet Dual-fuel for a flexible futurePDF2.33 MB Download
MAN B&W ME-GI Dual-fuel, low-speed enginePDF2.80 MB Download
MAN B&W G-Engines Green ultra long stroke enginesPDF2.03 MB Download
ME Engines Electronic headway of two-stroke dieselsPDF3.24 MB Download
Marine GenSets from MAN Diesel & TurboPDF8.65 MB Download
The MAN B&W Brand Low Speed EnginesPDF4.72 MB Download
ME-LGI Engines Liquid Gas Injection – Methanol and LPGPDF1.30 MB Download
ME-GI Dual Fuel MAN B&W Engines A Technical, Operational and Cost-effective Solution for Ships Fuelled by GasPDF1.50 MB Download
MAN B&W Dual Fuel Engines – Starting a New Era in Shipping With Project ExamplesPDF679.58 KB Download
Using Methanol Fuel in the MAN B&W ME-LGI SeriesPDF447.19 KB Download