Japanese Yards 2016

Technical Seminar, Copenhagen 25. September - 1. October

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Dear Gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Copenhagen.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.

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ProgrammePDF134.91 KB Download
List of participantsPDF71.49 KB Download
MAN Diesel & Turbo businesscardsPDF573.46 KB Download
Group photoJPG6.18 MB Download
01) Company market status and new enginePDF6.61 MB Download
02) Engine AccelerationPDF2.24 MB Download
3a) Torsional VibrationPDF725.89 KB Download
3b) Twin Propulsion Vibration Reduction by Synchro PhasingPDF900.09 KB Download
04) PTO Lay-outPDF1.23 MB Download
05) Steam EEC and WHRPDF1.63 MB Download
06) Cooling water system - ACOMPDF2.76 MB Download
07) Propulsion of 320000 dwt VLCCPDF1.50 MB Download
08) Main engine alignmentPDF1.14 MB Download
09) Tier III strategyPDF1014.18 KB Download
10) SCR solutionsPDF2.79 MB Download
11) EGR solutionPDF1.82 MB Download
12) EGR water Treatment SystemPDF1.64 MB Download
13) Tier III equipmentPDF1.29 MB Download
14) EGR preparation for future retrofitPDF1.73 MB Download
15) EGR service experiencePDF2.02 MB Download
16) Engine Management System EMSPDF2.10 MB Download
17a) Latest Engine DevelopmentPDF3.09 MB Download
17b) Latest Engine DevelopmentPDF3.63 MB Download
18) Service ExperiencePDF5.73 MB Download
19) ME-GIME-LGI Applications and referencesPDF1.01 MB Download
20) Service experience ME-GIPDF8.52 MB Download
21) ME-GI development and testsPDF3.89 MB Download
22) ME-GI Fuel Supply SystemPDF2.27 MB Download
23) ME-GI Fuel FiltersPDF937.49 KB Download
24) ME-GI Double wall pipingPDF2.00 MB Download
25) LNG ready and LNG retrofitPDF726.13 KB Download
26) Cylinder lubrication, Catfines and SOx controlPDF4.82 MB Download
27a) PureNOx (Alfa Laval)PDF904.84 KB Download
27b) EGR-HPE (Alfa Laval)PDF1.68 MB Download
27c) FCM One MeOH (Alfa Laval)PDF2.00 MB Download
27d) FCM One LPG (Alfa Laval)PDF17.32 MB Download
27e) DuroShell - full movieMP415.92 MB Download
28b) Holeby GenSetsPDF2.38 MB Download
29) Turbocharger UpdatesPDF3.54 MB Download
30) Alpha PropellersPDF3.25 MB Download
31) Wind PowerPDF171.33 KB Download