Technical Seminar

PrimeServ Academy Piraeus

Thursday October 22nd & Friday October 23rd

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ME 1.6 Turbocharger selection_620x230

Dear Ladies and gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Hellas.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.


01 InvitationPDF1.96 MB Download
02 Agenda day 1PDF51.14 KB Download
03 IntroductionPDF1.46 MB Download
04 Market SituationPDF5.79 MB Download
05 Gensets UpdatePDF3.61 MB Download
06 Turbocharger EvolutionPDF4.42 MB Download
07 MDT 2-stroke retrofit ProductsPDF2.37 MB Download
08 ME-GI and ME-LGI updatesPDF5.55 MB Download
09 Agenda day 2PDF50.57 KB Download
10 Emission RulesPDF5.96 MB Download
11 MDT Alpha propeller updatePDF3.10 MB Download
12 System optimization Main Engine EconomizerPDF1.25 MB Download
13 Light Running MarginPDF2.25 MB Download
14 Scrubber Plants 2014-03-17PDF94.54 KB Download
15 PropellerWMV54.54 MB Download